Bad Credit Mortgage Leads

Almost 20% of the mortgages originated in the United States since 2004 have been completed using bad credit mortgage programs or subprime products. While some mortgage pros have written the segment off as dead, other mortgage companies have stayed busy serving bad credit prospects.

How do they continue to make money and remain leaders in a tough market? One major reason: They have a steady stream of exclusive mortgage leads targeting bad credit mortgage borrowers are arriving every day by live transfer.

Sub-Prime Leads

If you're still buying paper leads, you'll be surprised at how affordable a full-blown live transfer lead program for bad credit borrowers can be. We'll be happy to share how our subprime live transfer lead programs have delivered real bottom-line results for our other mortgage clients. Call Leadz101 at 1-800-742-1554 right now!

Imagine having an extra 10 or 20 subprime leads a day! What would that mean for your sales funnel?

At Leadz101, our proven lead development broadcasting technology can deliver a professionally produced message about your subprime mortgage offer to thousands of consumers in seconds. Your recorded message provides easy instructions that allow consumers to 'opt in' and talk live to a loan officer instantly.

Our live lead transfer programs have produced real results because they possess important advantages over other bad credit mortgage lead generation programs:

  • Live Transfer leads put your best salespeople in direct contact with the prospect. No wasting time playing phone tag. No being screened by a gatekeeper!
  • Our live transfer subprime leads are developed 100% in house and are guaranteed to be exclusive.
  • The magic of live transfer leads allows your loan originators to speak to bad credit mortgage prospects immediately after they hear your offer and take a simple action to express a desire to speak with a salesperson. They're hot!
  • Using our direct connect technology, we can contact thousands of consumers on your behalf and efficiently sort out those willing to inquire. As a result, we can deliver mortgage leads at a very low cost to loan officers willing to work them.
  • Completely scalable. Whether you're an independent mortgage broker working from home or principal of a multi-office firm, Leadz101 has developed campaigns scaled to produce the right number of B/C live transfer leads to keep your originators talking to prospects and taking loan applications!
  • No set up fees. No hidden fees. No automatic renewals. We earn your live transfer business with every order.
  • Backed by an experienced marketing and customer service team: We'll help you craft a script tailored to motivate prospects to take action on your mortgage offer.

Nearly a quarter of American borrowers have credit scores that put them in the subprime category. If serving clients with B/C credit is a big part of your mortgage practice, you know how hard the market has been in recent months.

Wouldn't a steady stream of exclusive live transfer leads let you and your team of originators do what they do best: talk to prospects, take applications and make money? Call Leadz101 today at 1-800-742-1554 for a free, no obligation quote on a bad credit live transfer mortgage leads marking program!


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