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Look at the closed sales data from MLS for a neighborhood over a year or two and a not-so-surprising pattern emerges.  Despite the high number of real estate agents, the same small group of Realtors® is on one side or the other of most transactions. In every price range, a few agents get most of the listings and earn most of the money.

What separates these top Realtors® from the rest? Top earning agents have a viable system to attract a steady stream of qualified real estate leads. Whether you are a buyer's agent specializing in luxury homes, or a strong listing agent specializing in starter homes, the more time you spend working with qualified leads, the greater chance you have to receive a check at closing.

Leadz101 uses the power of the latest prospect finding technology to deliver exclusive buyer and seller leads to real estate pros like yourself when they are ready to list or buy a home.  Imagine what you could do with five or ten extra real estate leads per week. To learn how our exclusive live transfer technology can make your office phones ring with qualified buyer and seller leads who want to talk with you, call 1-800-742-1554 today!

No matter which side of the transaction you normally work, getting live prospects warm transferred to your phone is a superb way to keep your sales pipeline and bank account full. Leadz101 has a long record of providing white glove customer service to real estate companies who need these kinds of specialized warm transfer realty leads:

Control over the call list and the message lets Leadz101 clients attract the perfect real estate leads with pinpoint accuracy. Here are just a few of the advantages of the Leadz101 real estate lead generation system:

  • live transfer Leads - No phone tag or call backs required. These real estate leads instantly connect your agent and the prospect for listing or buyer representation.
  • Prescreened and verified leads - Your lead generation campaign can include as little or as much prescreening and verification of home buyer and home seller, commercial, or other specialized leads by Leadz101 as needed.
  • Exclusive Real Estate Leads - Paper leads leave you vulnerable to getting stale leads that have been sold to several companies claiming to be exclusive. A live transfer eliminates that risk by giving your agents a live one-on-one connection to the prospect. These leads go only to the phone numbers you designate.
  • Easy to Track Real Estate Leads - Our Internet based lead tracking system allows you to track your leads in real time. Even if you're out of the office, you can keep track of your lead generation campaign securely from any Internet-enabled PC.
  • Real Estate Leads Now - A Leadz101 real estate leads program does not take weeks or months to get started. We can start sending leads today!

For full details on how Leadz101 can connect you or your best agents with a steady stream of interested, targeted, real estate prospects, call 1-800-742-1554 now!


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