Exclusive Real Estate Leads

In an ever-growing, competitive industry like Real Estate, developing an Exclusive lead pipeline can be the difference between your Real Estate office thriving and your sales professionals starving. At Leadz101, we put our live transfers technology platform to work to assist your Real Estate office in developing highly-targeted, live and exclusive, real estate leads.

What makes our services better than traditional Internet leads? For one, there is no question as to the exclusivity of the prospect. No more chasing prospects down, trying to get them on the phone, only to find that they just contracted with your competition. Through past experience and national campaigns, we can assist your office in creating a steady stream of highly-targeted Real Estate Prospects that are exclusively available to the agents in your office.

Best of all, these leads will come by warm transfer directly to the phones of your experienced agents. Using our Live Transfer System, your office can obtain highly targeted real estate prospects that are just waiting to speak with a professional sales agent. Every lead will be a prospect interested in the services of a professional real estate firm and ready to be closed by your real estate agents.

Your office can target:

  • New Home Leads
  • home seller leads
  • Corporate Relocation Prospects
  • Military Relocation Leads
  • commercial Real Estate Leads
  • and so much more

If your office is still targeting prospects using paper leads from the Internet, you should truly consider our Live Transfer technology as a lead solution for your office. Your real estate agents deserve the opportunity to attract and close highly-targeted, truly-exclusive leads! That's why we say, Real Prospects, real time, with Real Results.


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