Auto Finance Leads

"When a customer comes into any American dealership you are looking at a customer with a lifetime value of three quarters of a million dollars worth of transactions. That is a huge number. For the dealer, most of the profit in that number is in service and finance."

David Harris
   E-Business Manager, American Suzuki
   Quoted in Automotive Funding Weekly
   October 9, 2007

For those companies that share Mr.Harris' long-term thinking, one more customer means quite a bit,especially a customer making a first car purchase, financing a new or used car, or purchasing an extended auto warranty. So does the car buying sales lead that begins the relationship.

Auto Finance Leads

Leadz101 has become one of the fastest growing lead generation companies in the U.S. by helping our automotive lead clients sell more. We offer custom automotive live transfer auto leads in the following categories:

  • New car sales leads - Generate sales even when walk in traffic slows. We can help you attract quality targeted car buyer leads that live within driving distance of your dealership.
  • Used car sales leads - Whether you're a mega dealership or an independent Buy Here Pay Here lot, Leadz101 is your single source for exclusive live transfer used car leads.
  • Auto leasing leads - Ownership isn't the right solution for every would-be driver. With award-winning creativity and a record of effective auto lead generation, we can help your company get effective auto leasing leads at a reasonable price.
  • Truck sales leads - Our lead generation program works just as well when connecting potential truck buyers to your top salespeople. How many more trucks could you find buyers for with hot inbound live transfer sales leads arriving every day?
  • Fleet sales leads - Why sell them one at a time? We can help your fleet sales force connect with more business owners looking to make fleet car and truck purchases.
  • auto warranty leads - With many consumers keeping cars well beyond the typical 3-year manufacturer's warranty, Leadz101 can help you find consumers looking for a reputable provider of extended auto warrantees.
  • Auto Loan Leads - We provide innovative programs to generate a variety of leads for finance managers and specialized lenders serving the auto industry.
  • End of Lease Auto Loan Leads - Many consumers love the deal they get buying off lease. These easy-to-close buyers are among our most popular auto loan leads!
  • New or Used Car Loan Leads - Live transfer technology is a great way to increase your closing ratios on new or used car loan leads. With no time for leads to get cold, your best salespeople with love hearing the phone ring.

With a founder who has spent a career in sales, sales management, and marketing for financial services companies, Leadz101 delivers the necessary skills and expertise to create a winning direct response automobile purchasing leads program for your business.

To see how our live transfer auto leads can help you expedite your sales objectives, call 1-800-742-1554. We'll be happy to provide you a no-obligation quote for auto leads. Call now to start getting Real Prospects, real time, with Real Results!


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