Exclusive Automotive Sales Transfers

If your automobile dealership buys Internet Leads, consider the advantages of using the live transfer services of Leadz101 We can deliver exclusive automotive sales lead prospects to your professional car sales staff utilizing our unique technology platform. You won't get a paper list; you'll receive live prospects holding for your sales associates. Doesn't it make sense to let your salespeople do what they do best: help get people happily involved in owning your product? We think so, too.

Unlike traditional automotive sales leads that are sold as exclusive or semi-exclusive leads, Leadz101 Live Transfers consistently deliver Hot Exclusive Prospects directly to the phones in your dealership.

Our voice technology allows your dealership to target prospects with phone numbers in the area codes and exchanges that surround your dealership. These highly targeted leads arrive directly to the phones of the strong sales closers who live in your showroom. You'll get local prospects warm transferred to the people most qualified to get them in the showroom, taking test drives, and becoming happy owners of cars from your dealership. Local leads delivered so that your salespeople can work on closing deals, not searching for their next prospect.

If your company is still waiting for customers to show up at your dealership, you're not taking advantage of every opportunity to pre-sell prospective car buyers who are actively inquiring about the cars in your dealership.

Why not let our professional staff at Leadz101 help you set up an exclusive automotive lead Campaign? You'll see the difference in your bottom line as our company delivers Real Prospects, real time, with Real Results.


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