Exclusive Insurance Leads

Insurance lead generation through Leadz101's live transfer technology platform is one of the most cost-effective means of reaching highly-targeted Insurance prospects. Our lead service is extremely affordable for both the individual insurance agent and mid- to large-size insurance companies. More than ever, our Live Transfer technology has leveled the playing field for agents and companies of various sizes by providing a stream of interested and qualified prospects at affordable prices. It's a formula that will make any business owner smile because of it's simplicity; Exclusive leads plus live prospects equals more productive salespeople.

With Leadz101, we don't believe in multiple campaign requirements. You can perform one or 100 unique campaigns. We have volume discounts for high volume marketers. Remember, too, that unlike Internet Based Leads, our live Voice transfer technology will put your salespeople on the phone with a live prospect so that they can do what they do best: Help the prospect make a decision to start doing business with you.

Your Live Transfer Campaign can target a wide range of insurance leads:

The best thing about our exclusive live transfer prospects is that you don't have to hunt for them. They arrive ready to listen and learn about the various Insurance policies and coverages your agency underwrites. Which lead would you rather have: A real person on the phone waiting to talk to an insurance agent at your firm, or some contact information on a piece of paper? Keep in mind that your competitors may have already received the "exclusive" paper lead. You'll waste a lot of valuable time just playing phone tag with the paper lead. It may even be weeks old or already made a purchase. So, why not go for the better leads? At Leadz101, we'll help you give your salespeople real, high-quality, genuinely exclusive insurance leads! Real Prospects, real time, with Real Results.


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