Home Buyer Purchase Leads

Almost everyone in sales has heard it from their sales manager: ABC - Always Be Closing.

In the real world, however, sales people spend most of their day prospecting. A typical mortgage broker or loan officer spends far more time hunting for home buyer prospects than selling them on financing a home.

How productive could your business really be if your loan originators spent more time talking to prospective home buyers, taking loan applications, and closing deals?

Wouldn't it be great to have a full-time assistant contacting home buyers needing a mortgage and generating warm leads for your sales team? What if your assistant could transfer those live puchase leads directly to your best closers?

Leadz101 has a unique system of generating in-house exclusive live transfer leads for loan originators that can deliver low cost leads to any phone number you specify. No assistant to hire, no set up fees, and no hassles.

Just a proven method for your sales people to receive exclusive mortgage lead inquiries from people looking to finance homes. Call 1-800-742-1554 to see exactly how a live lead transfer program can work for you!

In the current down market, some mortgage companies won't survive. They won't attract and close enough home buyer prospects at a cost sufficient to make a profit. At the same time, mortgage companies that tap the most efficient technologies to bring qualified purchase prospects to their salespeople can still grow and prosper, even in current market conditions.

Here are great reasons to get warm transfer live leads from Leadz101:

  • Every live transfer mortgage lead is exclusively yours. When the phone rings with a live transfer, your originator is not the third or fourth mortgage broker to call this week. They are the only one with the prospect's ear.
  • 100% In house generated mortgage leads. We don't depend on third parties to get our leads. We generate all of them using our unique system of lead broadcasting and live transfer.
  • All purchase mortgage leads are live. Nothing is worse than playing phone tag for weeks with a prospect only to learn that they really have no interest, or perhaps decided to go with another mortgage company. Our system puts your loan officers in the position to sell a person who has just learned about your offer and taken a positive step to indicate interest in getting a mortgage to buy a home.
  • Every live transfer arrives after having listened to a professionally produced homebuyer mortgage presentation. Nothing is more important to us than making sure that the marketing message we create together for your live transfer mortgage lead program will be something that you are proud of. Our professional copywriters know how to get the right prospects motivated to volunteer to become excellent purchase mortgage leads.
  • Simple to use real time mortgage lead tracking. Managing your mortgage leads should be easy to do. As a Leadz101 client, expect access to real time data from any Internet connected PC.

Every one of our mortgage clients is different. So are the specific objectives of their live transfer lead program. Whether you are targeting your offer at first time homebuyers, or affluent consumers considering a second home purchase, we can create a campaign that will deliver the appropriate live warm transfer purchase mortgage leads.

In sales, the more qualified prospects a salesperson speaks to, the more deals he or she closes. Let us help you help your salespeople to get closer to a world where they can Always Be Closing. Call 1-800-742-1554 right now for a no-obligation consultation on a live transfer program that will help your salespeople spend more time with purchase mortgage leads.


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