Home Equity Loan Leads

The real estate market has produced little good news for mortgage loan brokers lately, especially for correspondent lenders and other professional loan originators. If the slower market for new home buyers has any unseen benefit, it's this: homeowners who stay in their old homes longer become better prospects for home equity lines of credit for renovations and other purposes.

"We're always alert for trends that can help us aid our mortgage lead generation clients in building live transfer lead programs that produce results," says Jay Nofi, Leadz101, Inc. President.

Home Equity Line Leads

"It's not rocket science to notice more cars at Home Depot than at the local model home center," says Nofi. "Many of our best clients are using our state-of-the-art lead development live transfers to put themselves in front of as many live leads for home equity loans as possible - and doing it at a very low cost per home equity lead."

If you would like to harness the magic of live transfer to deliver a steady stream of live home equity loan leads to your best originators, call Leadz101, Inc. at 1-800-742-1554 today!

A live transfer lead development program is simple. It begins with Leadz101, Inc.'s scriptwriters working closely with you to create an effective presentation of your home equity loan programs. Your recorded presentation will be broadcasted to homeowners over the number of telephone lines you specify to sufficiently produce your desired number of direct transfer leads per day.

It's an effective, low-cost way to have leads ringing your phones seconds after they've heard your offer and expressed interest. Our live transfer home equity leads programs are customized to meet your desired goals. They can also include lead verification before live transfer, depending on your marketing objectives.

Leadz101, Inc. live transfer leads have five important advantages over the mortgage leads provided by the competition:

  • Leads Generated 100% In-House: We don't buy mortgage leads from anyone. Every live transfer you receive is a home equity loan lead that we have generated ourselves. It's the only to control the quality of mortgage leads.
  • exclusive live transfer Home Equity Loan Leads: A live transfer is a one to one mortgage lead and avoids the risk of so-called 'exclusive' leads that comes with the territory of world of paper leads.
  • Home Equity Leads That Arrive Hot: The advantage of live transfer is that prospects have no time to lose interest in your offer. They're transferred live to your loan originators within seconds unless you specify extra screening by Leadz101, Inc.
  • Live Transfer Lead Programs that Scale Easily: We serve lead generation clients with widely differing lead generation needs. From a lone independent home-based mortgage broker seeking a small number of leads a day, to large multi-state mortgage operations with teams of originators that want hundreds of live transfer home equity leads per office, we'll help you create a live lead program that fits your budget and your marketing objectives.
  • Live Lead Programs that You Can Track: We have a simple system that allows you to track your live transfer home equity lead program while it's in progress. Want to know how many transfers you received this week or within the last hour? No problem. Log into our proprietary online lead tracking system, and the data is at your fingertips.

Leadz101, Inc. is among the fastest growing live transfer lead companies in the United State because our leads deliver Real Prospects, real time, with Real Results. Get your live transfer home equity leads program started today by calling 1-800-742-1554.


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