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Are you getting tired of sales leads that lead nowhere? Does your company need more business to expand into unchartered territories? Although these are purely rhetorical questions with obvious answers, they certainly drive home a point. Top quality sales leads are important for good business. At Leadz101, we understand the true value of quality sales leads and can help you to skyrocket your business to maximum levels of profitability by providing what we believe are exceptional quality sales leads for your sales force.

At Leadz101, our approach to sales lead procurement and management is state-of- the-art. We do not rely on traditional Internet paper leads that are randomly culled from market surveys, questionnaires, and online forms. These leads tend to be unreliable because they are devoid of any personal touch. Moreover, chances are that you are not the only one using them since there is a tendency to recycle online leads to more than one customer. Sales leads sourced from the Internet are hardly ever fresh because a great majority of people that search for services and products on the internet submit their information on several sites.

We have chosen to harness cutting-edge Live Transfer technology to generate winning sales leads for our customers. Using this technology enables Leadz101 to transfer warm leads directly to your sales team in real time. Your sales consultants can pick up the conversation from where we leave off, not only to inform the prospect about your product or service, but to close the sale in a matter of minutes.

Our exclusive targeted business sales leads transform live inquiries into concrete sales for your company. It's only logical to talk to live prospects on the phone who are waiting to buy. This is precisely why you should try our starter package and see for yourself how productive and professionally satisfying it is for your sales consultants to answer a few questions, clarify a few issues, and close the deal. We have the ball. Are you ready to run with it?

A professionally custom tailored sales lead management program is the key foundation to superior quality results. At Leadz101, we pursue industry-best practices to achieve our objectives.

Our leads are verified, qualified, and pre-screened before they are transferred to you. Only those warm sales leads that match your eligibility criteria such as geographical region, monthly income, and social profile are pointed in your direction. Highly targeted Live Transfer leads are different from traditional leads because the level of interest they have expressed in your product or service is serious, and we work hard to sustain it.

The best way to find out is to try it! Call us today and experience the satisfaction of not having to jostle one cold lead after another.

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